Brett jokingly named this week’s simultaneous blog post publishing as ‘the ablogolypse’ – I like that wordplay!

Last week, Nick Frost joined Mandy and I in our writing exercise, with his exotic take on Wandering Star, and this week Brett ‘Fish’ Anderson joins us as the fourth rider of the ablogolypse (not to beat Brett’s metaphor to death…)

The point of the exercise is to give a group of writers a title, and then to sit back and watch how their creativity and word skills deliver their very personal interpretations.

Set your reminders, as usual, for 2PM on Wednesday, when the four of us will delight and entertain you. A gentle reminder: likes, shares and comments are like gold to us bloggers – so be generous in your sharing and commenting!

Read Mandy, Nick and Brett’s blogs here:


4 thoughts on “Fourtitude

  1. Can. Not. Wait. [But i will cos otherwise it will just be mine out there]
    Love the Writers of the Ablogalypse – we should patent that quickly…
    And start thinking of word plays that involve the number 5, cos, you know…

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