We Have A #SmartCooking Winner!

Well done to Shaun Van Der Merwe, who was the ultimate winner of the Electricity #SmartCooking competition.

Raw lamb shanks ready for braisingShaun’s lamb shank recipe received the most votes from the public and he walks away with a top of the range gas braai with accessories valued at R25,000! Not bad for a evening’s cooking, right?

This has been such a great experience for me, being part of this campaign – I’ve learned a whole lot about running my home more efficiently and as a bonus, there’s a whole ream of recipes to try out that are quick and simple, making life that much easier. It’s been great having friends like Angela, Mel and Maru along for the ride with their own one-pot experiments, and my brother and sister-in-law’s fun night putting together an entire dinner for four on a braai.

Check out the Electricity Smart website for more great one-pot cooking ideas, plus ways you can save energy around your home, thanks to Justin Bonello’s eco-audit. You can also order 49M’s #SmartCooking recipe book and find out more about the revolutionary Wonder Bag that is a fantastic South African invention that is going to help address energy consumption for a lot of homes around the world.

This weekend, I’m off to Caledon to go visit the family, and Shaun, we’ll be trying out your winning lamb shank recipe on the fire – congrats on your big win!

© Dave Luis 2015. All rights Reserved.


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