Threedom – Tandem Blogging Series 3


When Mandy Collins insisted just a couple of months ago that I write posts for all five blog topics I had proposed for her blog, I had no idea what a creative snowball she was unleashing.

Eleven posts later, and we are now nine bloggers all writing our own interpretation of a single title. NINE! That’s a lot of reading for our readers – so – thanks to all of you for your faithful weekly eyeballs on our blogs.

This round we won’t be joined by Mandy, which is a sad feeling for me (I’m not good with feelings, but I am getting better) because I really feel that she is the mother of this concept. So, thanks, Mandy – we’re doing this for you. Well, mostly for you. We’re doing this for you, and because we love to write and be creative and to write without a client brief – and that’s the magic you have enthused in us!

The third series will be penned by myself, Nick Frost, Brett ‘Fish’ Anderson, Cath Jenkin, Scott Dunlop, Kerry Schutte, James Preston and Megan Furniss. Each one a professional, published author in their various fields. The joy of these tandem posts is that we get to break out of the mold of what other people tell us we should write for their brand, product, media or social campaign and we get to write what we want, sharing a single topic. Well – to a degree – because someone has to decide on the topics, and habit and momentum means that’s me (also I am a control freak, and that, unlike my feelings, is NOT getting better!)
Take a dip into what my seven fellow tandem bloggers write, at their links below, and pop back tomorrow at 2PM for our first post in this series:
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11 thoughts on “Threedom – Tandem Blogging Series 3

      1. i have SUCH a great idea but have been overcome by the hayfever today and so contemplating going to lie down but maybe i should just push through and get it done…

      2. Write now. Lewis Carroll wrote Through The Looking Glass while spaced out on opiates for some malaise, and look at what brilliant writing that was.

    1. The first post is a great one! It was a challenging topic as always, and I am looking forward to seeing how the creatives write theirs.

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