Today again, I’m not forcing a list of five things to be grateful for.

I am becoming aware, slowly, of more positive aspects – a compassionate support system of friends, family and colleagues and an engaging, creative career. These will be picked over in fine detail later, as I unravel their positive influence.

But today I am most grateful for friends who wrap me up in their lives and invite me in – not to the big sensational events – but the exquisite ordinariness of a family dinner and sharing moments with their kids. 

Playing, having fun and laughing at the silliness of life, words, feelings, situations, people and stuff – just…like family. With all the love, warmth and sense of belonging that that word holds.


Just like family. 

Today was a good day.

© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved.


8 thoughts on “Like Family

  1. You my friend have long since become family, softly and gently having found a cosy spot in the hearts of so many. You often do not realise it but you have done it with so many people. Stay loved!

    1. Ryan, you make my heart swell. It is so easy in the quiet moments alone to forget the powerful connections I have through my friends.

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