That Nagging Feeling…

It started late last night, as I sat working on my digital marketing course.

It woke me at 4:30am, that nagging feeling that just wouldn’t go away. I tried to go back to sleep. I woke at 5:50am again, more anxious than ever.

Something big and important…was due…what was it?

Oh yes! The tandem blogs kick off again. Dammit. I haven’t got anything to write about! So now there’s that nagging feeling I’m going to let Brett and Megan down.

Well, quick – pen a short piece about how you can’t pen a short piece.

There, now.

Yes, we’re back, for a limited run, and with fewer writers – which may be a boon to our readers who had to wade through ten posts, weekly, with the last series.

Brett and Megan have been hard at work on their relaunch into tandem blogging – give a click here and here to read their posts.

See you each Tuesday at 2PM for more brilliant writing. Or at least, from my side, writing that is better than today’s rushed submission. I’m slowly getting back into this.

*clicks on auto post at 2PM and goes back to sleep*

© Dave Luis 2015. All rights Reserved.


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