First things first – that daily budget? It’s not going to work. Well, it’s not going to work if I have to buy 3 separate meals a day. 

Planning. Discipline. Meal plans. And that R100 budget can go far. 

But so far, I’m falling behind in the budget. It’s OK. It’s not a train smash. I can rework it. 

Eating. Eating went better today – in that I had less of the rage and cravings. 

My actual food choices could have been better – I had a cronut at lunch, but added fresh pineapple and mineral water. I also exercised some healthy control – I’d also bought a pie and a yoghurt with the cronut and pineapple, but I packed these away for tomorrow. Small wins. These add up. It’s key to remember this.

So then today’s real challenge came in the form of a night out with Katie and Steve and their friends. I really wanted to see them, but really didn’t want to cripple the night out with food issues.

How do you do that? Control. (I would say “Simple!” at this point, but we all know control is complex at first, until the momentum of habitual behaviour makes it simple. I’m not at that point yet.)

Control. Social eating is easy if I just apply control. So – no starter, main course, dessert and several sides. No. A single course and some mineral water, and a soft drink (not carbonated!) as my sundowner. 

Control. The focus of the evening was not the food. It was the people. Katie and Steve, who I haven’t seen forever, and their friends. The focus was on each other – not each other’s food. Not my food. Not extra portions. Just each other. 

This change in focus is astonishing – suddenly food slips from all-important to an interesting aside. 

And after the beauty of seeing my friends, the best thing about tonight is I left without feeling ill from too much food or feeling guilty from overindulging.

Small wins. Every day. 

© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved. 


10 thoughts on “Day 3: Social Eating

  1. Oooh, look at you doing your Super Dave thing! Social eating is definitely more about the social than the eating. Good on you Dave 😀 (picture me standing in a corner waving pompoms about)

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