Day 11: Nothing To See Here

Nothing special about today. Nothing at all. 

Breakfast happened. As did lunch. And a small dinner. There was salad, with less leaves and more avo. There has been six litres of water so far (um…is that OK, given our drought? Never mind. It was Woolies’ mineral water, if you’ll pardon my privilege.)

There was a craving – temporarily – for a Mickey Dee’s chicken fold over, mind you. I shaved my head instead, feeling not unlike Britney in her crazy phase, as the cravings threatened – momentarily – to drive me absolutely nuts. 

But I’m fine now, thanks for asking. 

Also, I think I have to break up with Pick ‘n Pay. More about that later.

Bring on Day #12!

© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved. 


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