Twelve hours at the office robbed me of any desire to languish behind pots and pans in the kitchen. I treated myself to Steers’ ribs.

Yes, I took the big 600g portion because most of that is bone, right? Does this seem like a justification to you? It might be, but anyway. 

Imagine my disgust when R135 later, I opened the pack at home to find two miserable little strips of ribs that looked more like the pictures on Steers’ menu for their riblet snack. 

What the actual hell, Steers? How are you still in business with these epic rip-offs? I already stopped buying the Hero roll because it has shrunk to cocktail roll proportions. 

Yes, I did see the “Uncooked weight” disclaimer printed in large font on your menu board. After being greeted with this travesty of a meal tonight, it’s obvious you put that up in response to the flood of complaints you must receive as you rip people off each time they order ribs. 

What a desperately sad example of the triumph of hope over experience. 

Consider that the last meal I’ll ever order at a Steers. Thieves. Charlatans! Crooks! Politicians! 

So. Result. One angry emotional eater. I applied an avocado to the problem, and went to bed. I shall not eat these feelings, I will shame Steers instead, for their corrupt Waterstone branch. Bloody bunch of dismal kleptomaniacs! 

© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved. 


9 thoughts on “Day 12: Ribbed For My Displeasure 

  1. I too name and shame the stores and bastard that destroy my much deserved treats that i “use too” too love now that I’m dieting. I guess i have learned that my treats weren’t really treats at all, just junk to passed-off as sugar and lard, covered in chocolate…. and now that i look forward to them for weeks on end… when i actually get them… the stupid stuff woolies gave me all the years seems to have tripped in price; and the quality is not what i would expect of woolies.

    1. I think at the end of the day, once we have this clarity, and if we get over the rage of being ripped off, it helps us steer clear of these treats which only serve to derail us.

  2. Or take another approach and only eat on a Whacky Wednesday and no chips, the special hurts their margins without any extras.

    As a newly single man whenever my cooking mojo is strong I cook in bulk and freeze for days when the desire to play with pots and pans is low. Always have a plan B to ensure I stay away from the junk.

    1. When I cook in bulk, I eat in bulk. This is why a large part of my journey is discipline and control. It is what this is all about, really.

  3. It’s true. But in the long run perspective of your fooding journey, probably good for you that it is – and bad for them! Well Avocadoed! Good luck for a strong disciplined weekend. Just ordered a scale from Takealot which arrived the next day [those guys are good!] and so can have some kind of control and visual on my own journey along with the 100 pushup challenge i am attempting for the third time…

    Keep on
    love brett fish

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