Day 17: Hallmark Carb

Some carbs are easy carbs to give up. 

Pasta? Gone. 

Rice? I’m done with you.

Potatoes in duck fat? That’s so last season. 

White bread sandwiches? Whoa! Easy, tiger! Let’s not get carried away here. 

Look, I think we need – no – I need to be realistic. I am not being obsessive, or compulsive, or in any way getting crazy about the journey.

White bread sandwiches – especially those with cold cuts or cheese – stay. I will agree to moderation, to having less of them. But they remain on the menu.

Oh, and I probably have to get a little more active than my current sedentary self is.

That is all. Bring on day 18.

© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved. 


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