Day 19: Crap Suzette

Standing in a convenience store too many hours after I’d last eaten, I was almost frantic with hungry indecision. 

All that stared back at me off the shelves was a load of rubbish.

Sad food. Sad overpriced food. Sad overpriced bland rubbish – a melange of over-processed, chemical-laden, tasteless bland muck parading as the latest fad in convenient ready meals. 

If food could have a stroke and lie there, lifeless and vegetable-like, then this was that food. And there’s no way I was paying for this crap.

Obviously tonight was the angry food hangover from last night. There was a real risk I would rage-eat a small village. Or a horse. Or a small village AND a horse. 

Insert seemingly endless string of swear words as I left empty-handed. 

Tomorrow. Tomorrow will be better. Any day now, that statement will be true.

© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved. 


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