Day 25: Actual Results May Vary

There are no guarantees in life, really, are there? Ridiculously clichéd, that, because it’s true. 

Everything I am reading, all the apps I use, all the meal plans I research all come with intense disclaimers and fine print and escape clauses along the lines of ‘Actual Results May Vary’. 

Ordinarily, that sort of fey lack of commitment by the authors of this faddish advice would be reflected in my own fey lack of commitment to the cause. 

But something deliciously strange is happening. I can say “No.” to a whole lot more than I used to. To a whole lot more than I used to want to. 

I can already say “No.” to so much. 

Crystal meth? No.

Heroin? Hell no.

Cocaine? No, thank you. 

Cat? No, I’m good. 

And now I can say “No.” to things that are even more pervasive and even more widely available than mere soul-destroying drugs. Check it out:

Coke – the wet, bubbly kind? No, thanks. 

Fries? No.

Pancakes? No, not today.

White bread sandwich? Get the hell out of my face, you swine – but leave the cheese before you go!

I’m seeing results. Slowly. Nothing major, but I am pretty chuffed to see my daily calorie count is coming down and staying down. It’s not below the 8,990 kilojoule mark where it should be, but it’s pretty close. I can work on reducing it even more. 

This is progress. It tastes funny, and looks no different to stagnation – but it feels good

© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved. 


6 thoughts on “Day 25: Actual Results May Vary

  1. Well done Dave! Its those small victories that we must celebrate and acknowledge as they all add up xx I am so good with saying no to most of the “wrong choices” however chocolate is my thing and am ok with that! Lots of love x

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