Day 26: Give Me A Sub!

And by that, I mean a sub-9,000 kilojoule day – not a subway sandwich!

Result. Achievement. Goal. Today I ate well and came in 311 kilojoules below my daily allowance. 

This is particularly amazing as I am lying here in a state of almost-too-fullness after a night out at a sushi bar. Thanks to my predilection for sashimi rather than the rolls or fashion sandwiches, I ate spectacularly well tonight, and the kilojoules were low. 

I’m properly chuffed at the control I  exercised today, too. An office birthday saw me have just one cupcake and a tiny sliver of cake, and at dinner, I had half a scoop of ice-cream and chocolate sauce. So I got my sweet fix but still kept my kilojoules low.

So. What’s next, then? Day 27? Sure. Bring it on! 

© Dave Luis 2015. All Rights Reserved.


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