Behind The Tree

Of all my childhood

fears, the worst was the thing that

lives Behind The Tree.
On nights so black none

could see, still the shape of it

lurks Behind The Tree.
Do NOT go closer!

Just turn away and run – it

is Behind The Tree!
Lurking, watching – now

it comes out, jaws gnashing – fierce,

get Behind The Tree!
Your only chance now

is to run in circles to

hide Behind The Tree.
Hide! Hide! Hunker down!

Don’t let it see you crouching 

down Behind The Tree.
Wait. Don’t move. Don’t breathe.

Even if you wait forever,

here Behind The Tree.
Until at last you

are the forgotten monster

hid Behind The Tree.
Run! Scream! Shout! One, two

three! Block myself! Hide and seek

here Behind The Tree.
© Dave Luis 2016. All Rights Reserved.


‘Behind The Tree’ is a creative writing exercise in tandem blogging, where seven writers pen separate blogs with the same title. Read Brett’s here.


4 thoughts on “Behind The Tree

  1. i like it, really enjoyed the way you let the words spread into the new lines instead of having all the sentences match up, and the fun ending… Great stuff! Two to go!

      1. It’s the hidden gem – visually you are presented with couplets that DON’T rhyme, but every THREE lines reveals a standard haiku triplet of five, seven and five syllables.
        This was more an exercise in overlaying two structures, than the content itself, which forms s third overlay.

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