Do I obsess about food, or do I eat mindlessly? 

Do I eschew control or relish it to the exclusion of making good choices? 

What is moderation, really? Boring, pedestrian frailty, or lightning in a jar? Can moderation actually be acute control over my more wayward compulsions or is it merely the negation of life’s peaks and troughs? Prozac to living. 

Why do I primly eat like a pious believer during the week and gorge myself like a death row agnostic on weekends? 

Can I overlay what I learned at Narcotics Anonymous on this programme and replicate that success? Why not? Why NOT…??

There are so many questions and I not only want all the answers – ALL of them – I want them to be quick fixes with minimal emotional cost. Is this possible? Why not? Why NOT…???! 


After tonight’s Overeaters Anonymous meeting, one answer I do have is that I don’t have any of the answers. None at all. Not one that fixes any of this. 

And that’s ok. Because what I do know now is that there are answers out there, I just need to know which questions matter, because not all of them do. Many of them just get in the way, or are that conniving inner voice, Slick, undermining all my progress. 

Slick, who tells me that moderation is bereft of any validity as something that engages me. It is the single bite of a cake. It is the heavy petting instead of the rough, anonymous sex. It is the driving at 110 instead of 140. It is safe in the way that safe is dull, dreary and unappealing. It is boring and it is mundane and it is a blight and the end of personality. That has become my default understanding of moderation.

Not only do I eat too much, I think too much. 

I think I need Overthinkers Anonymous right now.

I think…

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10 thoughts on “Overthinkers Anonymous

  1. I have always felt that the problem with using food as self-medication – which I think is ultimately what we are really doing with drugs, alcohol, etc. is that you can cut alcohol and drugs out of your life completely. Obviously it’s not easy at all, but you can cut them out and your body continues to function. Cut out food completely, however (which would be the simplest route to not overeating) and your body tends not to do so well. Ahem. So for me, personally, learning to eat moderately and mindfully and appropriately means figuring out what I’m trying to medicate with food, and fixing the problem instead of the symptom.

    1. This was actually one of the points in my share last night – that with drugs it was comparatively easy because it was a hard boundary – simply no drugs, every again (and the attendant difficulties of overcoming 18 years of addiction) where as abstinence in terms of compulsive overeating is more like gradual weaning while dangling a carrot: food, only less of it. (Also, that carrot metaphor is apt – or would be, if I liked carrots!)

  2. So I don’t believe in the moderation rule al all,for me it is BS, may work for other but no me. But also I have s many food intolerance and hernia issues overeating leads to heart burn and so on and so on.
    Portion control, 6 meals a day apparently is what is needed , this is highly recommended by sue slim actually.
    And yes rules are boring , so try to make the food fun without breaking the rules.
    And I think everyone needs one cheat day, but they to eats what you want when you want. you will be surprised that once you get a routine down your tummy will adjust accordingly and you wont want those bad foods any more.
    I piece of advise – LISTEN to your body, it know what it want and needs and what I does not like.

    1. Greetings ☺

      I follow the same though path as you. Think outside the box a bit, if the box dose not fit you don’t have to climb out, just start poking some holes in it for a bit of light especially if it is important for you to stay in that box.

      Luff & Lite

      1. I love this: “….if the box does not fit you don’t have to climb out, just poke some holes in it for a bit of light…”
        Thanks, Kerry-Robynn

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