Hungry For The Real Thing

Endless tides ebb and flow around sites profound and impossible towers, seeking out The Next Best Thing, the Perfect Angle, the Most Unique Capture, but none seeing, witnessing, feeling, experiencing the life before them.

A base note drowns the crowd’s staccato murmurs and like meerkats entranced they turn towards the fountains of light and as one raise their arms in assent to the digital gods clasped in unfeeling fingers.

One million screens obediently record but not one heart senses the euphoria breathed onto the air as music, water and effulgence combine to dance, to lure, to seduce…in this instant the construct has more soul and is more human than the silent unseeing watchers.

We are prey to the devil held so tightly in our hands. Our digital addiction. Our mobile masters.

Watch, but don’t see. Record, but don’t feel. Upload. Share. Like. Comment. One digital hit after another, bytes bleeding our brains dry with shallow, facile affirmations that mean nothing, are nothing, give nothing.

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©️ Dave Luis 2018. All Rights Reserved.


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