Offline/online. Same-same?

Things I’ve written belong in my journal, not online.

No audience required for all the thoughts I must think and all the feels I must feel.

I’ll still post here almost daily, but the feels-vomit goes in my journal. No more emotion and reaction baiting on my blog (well, we can always hope, right?)

Funny thing is, contemplating a post here that is not the stream of emotive expression of the previous posts feels like I won’t be writing here much. Nothing to say, really.

Maybe blogging isn’t the therapy I wanted/needed/chased? Maybe it’s nothing more than digital acting out.

Either way, I enjoy writing, even the shitty stuff, and I need to practice (for what? For whom?) so maybe I’ll just keep at it, and see.

Right now, #NotMyCat is curled up under the blanket, leaning against my knees. It’s like she knows today would be tough, saying goodbye to Sarah, so she’s come to show me love. So excuse me while I go indulge in some feline loving.

©️Dave Luis 2018. All Rights Reserved.


  1. writing for private or for public is good… and those of us who choose to put our words out there in the world, do so knowing they’ll be critiqued, but also hoping that we might touch someone… And we are looking for validation – from whanau, friends or strangers..

    you write well… hold that thought close…

    1. “you write well… hold that thought close…” – this message keeps coming through stronger and stronger, more and more urgent to be heard.

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