Things Left Unsaid.

So much I want to tell you. So much I want to say and justify and explain and reveal. Also, I want to explain how to read that last sentence so you know that all the ands are for dramatic effect, because dramatic effect is the filter on my life.

Anyway, this week’s lesson – or rather this week’s comprehension programme – has been to let things go.

There’s been a lot of things I thought I needed to tell you. But going back to those sessions, no, I guess not every thought translates into conversation I need to have, not a feeling I need you to understand.

So, then. I guess thinking, feeling, not saying, putting down and letting go is the way forward. With practice.

Also, this post is cryptic AF. It feels like a protracted subtweet. It’s not, though. It’s writing, rambling, verbalizing for the sake of it, to practice the boundaries of vulnerable personal stuff.

That’s all. That’s all it is.

©️ Dave Luis 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Image by Aaron Burden at Unsplash Free Images

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