The cage is real.


I’m never really sure if the cage is designed to keep us in, or keep us out. To keep the darkness out, and the monsters in.

Everywhere I look, I see the reminder: you don’t belong/this is not for you/you’re too late/too old/too different/not different enough.

And if you listen to the silence long enough, it will scream back at you – a million memories piercing the now at the speed of light, dragging up old ghosts, past sins and lost chances.

I can never forget.

The cage is real.

I know, because I built the cage.

©️ Dave Luis 2019. All Rights Reserved.


      1. It really does. I often wonder though, if I could get it to write about something other for a change. The post-midnight ramblings often cause concern, and, well, I then spend time reassuring friends and family (and myself!) that I’m ok.

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