Should You Get an Instagram Account for Your Newborn baby?

Well, the easy answer is, definitely not. But just for fun, what would your social media strategy be if you were to put your newborn on the popular photo-sharing service?

Day #174 Vision Board

Saturday 2012/10/06 Off to Paarl for Jeff’s birthday, but first, I have to stop outside my dream home and take … More

Day #173 – Cheese!

Friday 2012/10/05 Cheese! A whole one, for lunch. These are things I love and live for, because I can. Little … More

Day #172 – They Knew!

Thursday 2012/10/04 At the SuperStage event to represent Mxit, the goodie bag had Fizzers in – like they KNEW I … More

Day #166 – First Time.

Friday2012/09/28 A surprise visit to see my most beautiful friend, Katie. Nikita caught this moment on film, and when I … More

Day #165 – Goose Bumps

Thursday 2012/09/27 Getting ‘Goose Bumps’ as I listen to DJ Goose’s latest tracks, prepping for Str.Crd. This is the soundtrack … More

Day #164 – Off To Jozi!

Wednesday2012/09/26 Flying to Johannesburg with Nikita, for Str.Crd. Johannesburg has no power over me more. © Dave Luis 2012. All … More

Day #158 G.R.A.C.E.

Thursday 2012/09/20 Sarah Strauss is one of those people sent to this Earth to make you stop and think, and … More


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