Day #174 Vision Board

Saturday 2012/10/06 Off to Paarl for Jeff’s birthday, but first, I have to stop outside my dream home and take … More

Day #173 – Cheese!

Friday 2012/10/05 Cheese! A whole one, for lunch. These are things I love and live for, because I can. Little … More

Day #172 – They Knew!

Thursday 2012/10/04 At the SuperStage event to represent Mxit, the goodie bag had Fizzers in – like they KNEW I … More

Day #166 – First Time.

Friday2012/09/28 A surprise visit to see my most beautiful friend, Katie. Nikita caught this moment on film, and when I … More

Day #165 – Goose Bumps

Thursday 2012/09/27 Getting ‘Goose Bumps’ as I listen to DJ Goose’s latest tracks, prepping for Str.Crd. This is the soundtrack … More

Day #164 – Off To Jozi!

Wednesday2012/09/26 Flying to Johannesburg with Nikita, for Str.Crd. Johannesburg has no power over me more. © Dave Luis 2012. All … More

Day #158 G.R.A.C.E.

Thursday 2012/09/20 Sarah Strauss is one of those people sent to this Earth to make you stop and think, and … More

Day #155 – Room To Vent

Monday2012/09/17 Feeling a little scratchy, today. Don’t know why – but for a change didn’t bottle it up, or vent … More

Day #153 – Re:Connecting

Callia Doucas and I at Cubana, Stellenbosch. A former colleague, and continuing friend…ah sweet mercies! Saturday2012/09/15 Sitting at the office, … More

Day #151 – The God In You

The First Child. Goddess, journey(wo)man and friend. Oh, and she’s also pretty hot. True story. Thursday2012/09/13 Do you know what … More

Day #147 – Muse

Driving, to DJGoose’s music, and filming it – am I a terror on the roads? Wait for the video to … More

Day #142 – Got Reality?

Tuesday2012/09/04 A morning walk-n-talk session leads us to Mila’s Cake Shop, and the divine white hot chocolate they serve. Come … More

Day #140 – Clarity

 Sunday2012/09/02 “It’s 140 days today – celebrate!” – a message I sent out this morning, went along those lines.“Great. See … More