It Wasn’t ALL Bad

It Wasn’t ALL Bad

The thing about the past is that it’s easy to see it ALL as bad, so that everything now is good, and light, and positive and progress.

It’s disingenuous to oversimplify it like that. Although there was a lot that was broken and dishonest in the past, not everything was. In fact there was a lot of good back then, too. 

A second voice from the past reached out this week, this time to thank me for teaching him business communications, a few years ago. 

He has just started a new job this week, and has been commended on his professional communications – and he took the time to thank me for what I taught him, because it has helped him in his role, and has already earned him recognition. 

Today I am grateful for his thanks, for reminding me that there are things I do well, that teach and inspire people. But mostly I am grateful that he is out there, making a name for himself and getting the recognition he deserves. 

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