To be ruined by wealth. Spoiled, by choice. © Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.


Heirobics: 1. The effort to get noticed, God willing, as a wealthy relative nears their demise. (c) Dave Luis 2009. … More


Oblogation: 1. a blogging imperative, to crave such; 2. the square root of e-Ville (c) Dave Luis 2009. All Rights … More


Dignity: 1. warm beverage for social climbers; 2. V.I.T.; 3. to approve a warm bevarage for the mid-leg; 4. even … More


Threadonistic: 1. given to the heady delights of facebook discussion thread distraction; 2. tangentially disposed to lose focus mid-thread; 3. … More


Fascinate: 1. Alternating periods of pious starvation and binge eating; 2. To secure, in place, two cubed; 3. Average political … More


Parallelogrammatic: 1. A play on words; 2. A bug in such a system. (c) Dave Luis 2009. All Rights Reserved.


Format: 1. Quadripartite carpetting. (c) Dave Luis 2009. All Rights Reserved.


Homogenisation: 1. Gay feline acclimitasation process; 2. Coiffure for ladies of negotiable affection; 3. Nomenclature-escaping mythical persons of diminutive stature, … More


Profile: 1. In favour of office stationery; 2. Record of prostitute’s misdemeanours; 3. Tramp’s manicure emery board; 4. Storage area … More


Capriciously: 1. Inconsistent Oriental; 2. Being lost, but in a most discerning manner, to be lost in a manner likely … More


Aspersion: 1. A slanderous vegetable; 2. Fetish involving elephantine blackheads; 3. Citizen of Middle Eastern country, representing gluteal interests; 4. … More


Connect: 1. To kiss, with vigour, a person of low morals; 2. Hick hickey, a throaty bruise; 3. To make … More


Political: 1. To tittilate, through touch, a parrot; 2. Parrot-flavoured syrup, esp. enjoyed by those with pronounciation difficulties; 3. Prone … More

Coral Reef

Coral Reef: 1. Warbling water feature in a dental surgery 2. Sub-aquatic coagulation of hard fruit seed 3. Symptom of … More


Emulate: 1. A tardy avian; 2. A tardy avian that has shuffled off this mortal coil; 3. Virtual facsimile, post-deadline, … More


Orchestrate: 1. Complex numeric system in base eight for musical scales, used by certain types of whales when presenting themselves … More


Emporium: 1. Dired ink that clogs a printing measurement tool. (c) Dave Luis 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Masticate – a Ponderism

I wonder if you selectively masticate, you’re being chewsier than normal? (c) Dave Luis 2009. All Rights Reserved.


The first word I ever made up! Well, the first word that I actively considered a proper word for everyday … More