© Dave Luis 2012. Al l Rights Reserved.

Seconds to Infinity

Crystalline dreams/Meth-Head in my madness – screen-shot from the film of my healing journey, shot on location in Hell back … More


Image (c) Burger van Dyk 2012. All Rights Reserved. Sun goes down, life drains with it my hope – my … More

The Human Element

Confidence and strength Panic, sweat, breathe, bite your tongue! that’s the common thread! (c) Sarah Strauss, Koreshini Pillay, Phillip Wilton, … More


Twenty Years On,Growing Older and WiserFirmer of Faithwith Joviality’s Gist.Time’s Cruel Handand Fate’s Warm Face:A Field of ‘Mines’And Selfless GraceAre … More

Love&Hangovers (5.7.5.)

Love & HangoversThe Morning After Finds UsSat In Quiet Peace. © Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Fresh Start

Starting over all overagain, putting my life on pause? No!This is NOT what I want, now! © Dave Luis 2012. … More

Flying Solo (7.9.7)

These years spent flying so lowTook me places, lying solo, butNow I’m coming back to life. © Dave Luis 2012. … More

Wish You…

Wish you were hereWords that echo outSung in jest, that echo in my chestsongs of lovesongs of lifeif you were … More


I know you know I like youI know you fear I like youI know you fear you like me tooI … More

Second Chance

In you I see myself reflectedYou and I, strangers, here and nowBreach these many tears I am not younor you … More


Nascent, new, fresh, I emerge –stretch, reach, touch, feel – surge!Through my soulspace, life’s time, mind…And what was I seeking, … More


If only you knew him, you’d know. If only you saw him, you’d know. If only I told him, he’d … More


Here now us we me you Feel feel emote touch confess am be are you am I we me is … More


© Dave Luis 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Turn Me Up To ‘Crazy’

You stand and you strut.You flash and are proud,you crash to the groundand say it’s my fault:That it’s me;that I’m … More

Being Human

Humanity. To be human. What is it to be human? To feel warm sunlight caress your skin? To fall headlong … More

Haiku Structure: A Lesson!

Seven syllables we find, in the second line. Five, the first and third! © Dave Luis 2010. All Rights Reserved.


Dashing through the snowbe late and there’s hell to payFUN! on Christmas Day!(c) Dave Luis 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Haiku Death.

Life! Throwing down the gauntlet chips more spirit off this corpse until only death can still the cries. © Dave … More

little pills

breath comes deeper and is slowed for the reaper man two points – a life entombed quell nought but my … More


exquisite torpor flays my core inscrutable oblivion blankets my primal sense words flow, ebb, still (c) Dave Luis 2009. All … More

friday night lights

friday night lights the way to my deepest reaches in the far corners of my mind behind my heart and … More

living time

remember those times wrote our names in all these lines all those years all those tears have come and gone … More


Even though circumstance and fate Now conspire to falter, still they tirelessly create –  I think back to the moments … More

Soliloquies At Night

When all my uncertainties accreteinto rock-solid knowledgenot only of who I am, but where –and when as well,and finally I … More

on clouds

Ten billion droplets gatherlike my urgent thoughtsso these clouds sweep across the skyand hide from me your radiant facetime will … More

iBurst Limerick

It happened one night quite near Sandhurst,At the big house that they have called iBurstHe had some Tequilacalled himself Sheilaand … More


(c) Dave Luis 2008. All Rights Reserved


tonight in the darkness I found the reasonand the truth cries out in the silenceyet its screams make no sound … More

very slowly unfolding

(image ‘very slowly unfolding‘ (c) Vol-au-Vent 2007 – All Rights Reserved) Like a lover’s eyesblinking in the morning sun,like your … More

Snow In Winter

In Anglia’s land, where I did goI’d hoped at least I’d see the showthat winter puts on once a yearand … More

Letter To An Ex-Lover

In a place called Alternity –a perfect world for perfect people,my better self finds you. (c) Dave Luis 2007 – … More

Charlie Haiku 7.9.7.

Charlie, you’re no friend of mine.Here you know I have to draw the line –It’s so cold without you now. … More


(image Sky Poetry (c) Catgotti 2007 – All Rights Reserved) As Solaris lays down his headLuna picks up the danceand … More


(image Southend Pier (c) fgt 2007 – All Rights Reserved) At last I come to the edge of all thingsAnd … More