Hôtel Costes Haiku 7.9.7

Decadent rhythms enchant And sultry, sexy beats! What is this? Music from the Hôtel Costes. (c) Dave Luis 2007 – … More


stars in the galaxy shine on my lone soul tonight! such beauty in the starlight that exists nowhere else but … More

Telephone Haiku 5.7.5

A Gossip monger And a faithful friend you are My dear telephone! (c) Dave Luis 2007 – All Rights Reserved


I am walking through these cold grey streets Echoes of footsteps following me Dancing steps tripping to lively beats In … More

Moonlight Shadow

(image ‘Moonlight Shadow’ (c) Dave Luis 2007 – All Rights Reserved) Moonlight Shadow seesthe watcher, caught in the act!Shame burns … More

Tears In Winter

Left out in the dark.Tried my best and come this far.So cold in London’s winterI’m growing old alone. Tears stream … More


(image ‘Hold Me Again‘ (c) XXXMARINE 2007 – All Rights Reserved) There is something I’ve been wanting to tell youSomething … More

I Walk This Empty Alley

(image ‘Empty Alley‘ (c) catgotti (Catherine Anne) 2007 – All Rights Reserved) On one side, man’s construct: light!On the other, … More

longing & solitude

I’ve come this far, so far, to come and see, and seeing as I’ve seen it all, I knew this … More

Stardust Children

(image ‘Stardust‘ (c) 2007 XXXMARINE – All Rights Reserved) Tiny motes of golden lightfall around my memory nowand call to … More

Ode to Michael

(image ‘Michael 1. (Violentz)‘ (c) 2006 – XXXMARINE. All Rights Reserved) Locked in artistic silence muscles taught in Luna’s glowwaits … More

Prometheus Bound

(image ‘Prometheus Bound‘ (c) XXXMARINE 2006 – All Rights Reserved) Prometheus, bound by duty on Caucasuscries out against his Titanic … More


(image ‘Lamp‘ (c) Moo. Just Moo 2006 – All Rights Reserved) Luna dips to catch my eyeand dance on Neptune’s … More

New Divination

(image ‘New Divination‘ (c) Matty! 2006 – All Rights Reserved) Light and Dark sides of mePushing for rank superiorityFight to … More

Fire Bird Haiku 7.9.7

(image ‘Fire Bird‘ (c) Ophelia Chong 2006 – All Rights Reserved) Burning bright – incandescent!Fire bird, in flames, takes flight, … More

Stay Warm Haiku 5.7.5

(image ‘Stay Warm‘ (c) Ophelia Chong 2006 – All Rights Reserved) In this bitter cold, warm colours, brilliant art keep … More

DEADTIRED Haiku 5.7.5

(image ‘DEADTIRED‘ (c) CyberGabi 2006 – All Rights Reserved) The artist, spent, rests.Fans, like urgent children, wait.Creation stands still for … More

Concrete Pete

(click for larger image) (c) Dave Luis 2006 – All Rights Reserved


Dying is inevitable,And now I know that.Variance is incredible – If you try and show it!Death, as always, immutable. Lying … More


Doorways call to me and begThat I pass this way and that,And that this way I passIs passage backTo myself … More

Three-Lined Rhyme Time Defined

Johnny Rotten stole Baa-Baa’s cottonWhen Baa-Baa was at Kazbahplaying with Fearne Cotton. Fearne, played out,watched while Baa-Baa made outwith that … More

Contentment Haiku 5.7.5.

gold and amber huesdance well in my sight tonight –is this contentment? Written for Ophelia Chong‘s image ‘Contentment‘ (c) 2006 … More

Divided Haiku 5.7.5

(image ‘Divided‘ (c) CyberGabi 2006 – All Rights Reserved) Out of synch I findmyself running all aroundno time to catch … More

Cinquain (Style 2)

PoemVery RigidCompose Scribble TallyAn Exquisite Poetry StyleCinquain (c) Dave Luis 2006 – All Rights Reserved


AttemptPoem FormatTrying Something NewishQuite Excited Achieving ThisTryout Defining a Cinquain:First Line: 2 syllables One word, giving titleSecond Line: 4 syllables … More

Apathetic Haiku 5.7.5

I could not be arsedto make any effort nowso go away, please! (c) Dave Luis 2006 – All Rights Reserved

Early Nightfall

darkness falls and with it comes that most delightfull promise of a candle, not yet lit, but quite ready to … More

Falling Into Nothing

(image ‘HIB‘ (c) Dave Luis 2006 – All Rights Reserved) “I’m falling into nothingadrift inside myselfand fade away” Lyrics that … More

Most Faithful

(image ‘must we dress up for the holiday…‘ (c) Catgotti 2006 – All Rights Reserved) time, my most faithful lover, … More


Swirling malice, thunderheads –darkness gathers in clouds above megood intentions courting malcontent –a vortex covers up as evil treads. Tumbling … More


1.There was once a mad poet called d.a.v.e.whose hair was curled up like a wavebut the abundance of bleachhad something … More


Dilly-dally, little Sally! Dance to my verbal game. Jig-a-jigjig – a little doolally – never a word the same! Does … More

Rock Solid

(Image ‘Rock Solid’ © Dave Luis 2006) In a world that moves with tune with you I find this tide … More

Tupperware Haiku 7.9.7

sealed for later consumption –left in the fridge for midnight ventures!a magic friend, tupperware! (c) Dave Luis 2006 – All … More

Tupperware Haiku 5.7.5

pop open my lidfill me with leftover food,tupperware fairy! (c) Dave Luis 2006 – All Rights Reserved

Towards Tomorrow

(image “coffee plantation” copyright joaobambu) at horizon’s endlies my tomorrowand Solaris guides me therefrom now till thenthere’ll be no sorrowand … More

autumnal walk

(image ‘autumnal walk‘ copyright (c) Vol-au-Vent) the years, like autumn’s leavesfall from your faceand in your gazeI see the love … More


(image ‘Slumber‘ copyright (c) R.A.M.O.N.E.) Chance and life won’t leave me bealone, growing old, fading out see me here, don’t … More

Flames of Freedom

(image ‘Flames of Freedom‘ copyright (c) LeggNett) Dancing on the winds of time,times change and today’s no different,for all the … More


(image ‘Wildfire‘ copyright (c) CyberGabi) Rose-Red, my eternal lovetime fades us, pulls us down and time’s duty donewe look to … More

And Yellow…

(image copyright (c) garyhere) autumn comes and takes away spring’s beauty and summer’s day darkness falls – a great big … More


(image Birthday Treat copyright (c) CyberGabi) Luna, dance with me tonight!Fill my heart with your delighton the edge of a … More


With you – such bliss!Touch me! Feel me!Laugh…then breathe me!Lean in…and kiss… Breath – hard! Breath – fast!Rush of blood! … More

Exit Wounds

Faded dreams and passing timeplaying havoc with my mind.Reality is on the line –this one thing I can’t abide! Exit … More

Death’s Playground

Life and death, danceso fine and dainty – stepped around each other. Glanceat one another. Wept for one more chance … More